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One of the greatest unrecognized and unmet needs in the body of Christ today is the ability to find a financial professional who shares a biblical perspective on stewardship. Kingdom Advisors introduces a new level of Christian financial professionals who are equipped to integrate biblical counsel with financial counsel.

Kingdom Advisors Core Training is intensive training which covers the financial aspects of a family’s life, including giving, debt, taxes, investments, insurance, college education, retirement, etc. The training equips our professionals with the skill to integrate biblical wisdom – which is transcendent wisdom - into the financial aspects listed above, while making sense of the world’s view of finances today.

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Kingdom Advisors exists to engage, equip, and empower Christian financial advisors to communicate Biblical wisdom to their clients, apply professional principles in their practices, and live out their faith in their marketplace for Kingdom impact. From time to time, Kingdom Advisors receives requests for information about an individual who has been certified as a Qualified Kingdom Advisor™. In response to such requests, Kingdom Advisors has determined that the provision of any of the following information will serve to further its mission: certification status of an individual, professional education and qualifications as reported to us by a certified individual, any disciplinary actions against an individual by Kingdom Advisors, the business name, address, phone number, e-mail, and website link of the certified individual. In order to provide you with efficient retrieval of that information, we have created this searchable database to allow you to be more informed as you make a decision regarding a financial advisor.

The listing of a Qualified Kingdom Advisor™ in this searchable database is for informational purposes only and may in no way be considered an endorsement of, referral to, recommendation for, or offer to purchase any product or service from a Qualified Kingdom Advisor™, nor should it be deemed to be an offer to sell, trade, or purchase securities.

The trademark, "Qualified Kingdom Advisor" is the property of Kingdom Advisors and is legally used by anyone other than Kingdom Advisors only by permission. Designation of an individual as a Qualified Kingdom Advisor™ indicates that the individual has completed the initial and ongoing certification requirements established by Kingdom Advisors. In addition, a Qualified Kingdom Advisor™ may be required by state or federal law to hold other licenses, qualifications, or certifications in order to conduct his or her business activities. Neither Kingdom Advisors, nor its members, nor brokerage or other firms with which Kingdom Advisors members may be affiliated make any representation, warranty, guarantee, or other assurance as to whether a particular Qualified Kingdom Advisor™ holds such licenses, qualifications, or certifications. You must independently obtain and verify this information from the particular Qualified Kingdom Advisor™ or from other reliable sources.

Kingdom Advisors relies heavily upon its members' representations of their qualifications, certifications, and activities and is not bound to engage in any independent corroboration of such qualifications or activities. Therefore, while the information and content provided herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, such information and content may in no way be considered a representation, warranty, guarantee, or other assurance by Kingdom Advisors, by the members of Kingdom Advisors, or by brokerage or other firms with which Kingdom Advisors' members may be affiliated, as to the accuracy, completeness, or appropriateness of content, qualifications, certifications, or activities for any person or situation. BY MOVING FORWARD TO THE SEARCHABLE DATABASE YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT NEITHER KINGDOM ADVISORS, NOR ITS MEMBERS, NOR BROKERAGE OR OTHER FIRMS WITH WHICH KINGDOM ADVISORS' MEMBERS MAY BE AFFILIATED ACCEPT OR WILL BE SUBJECT TO ANY LIABILITY FOR ANY DIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS ARISING FROM ANY USE OF THIS INFORMATION OR ITS CONTENTS. We recommend that you consult with a financial, tax, or legal advisor who is familiar with your situation before taking any action.

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